Cody, 17

Diagnosed with mild alcohol use disorder

Hasenpfeffer Incorporated

Cody is an athlete and spent most of his adolescence engaged in healthy activities, but when he started college Cody began having periods of binge drinking where he would consume more than five beers in two hours. Every Saturday night he drank more than he’d intended to, and every Sunday spent most of the day recovering from a hangover.


He wanted to cut down or stop using alcohol but couldn’t, and was becoming concerned, especially when he thought about his family’s history of addiction.


When Cody was home for the holidays, he told his mother that he was struggling with drinking too much . His mother, who is in long-term recovery from substance use disorder,  brought Cody with her to a 12-step recovery meeting. He committed to attending a meeting every day for ninety days in a row during the initial phase of his recovery.


When he got back to college, he started going to a 12-step meeting on campus and got engaged with his school’s collegiate recovery program. Today he is grateful for the early intervention that halted the progression of his alcohol use disorder.



Collegiate Recovery Program (three years)

Recovery Support

Alcoholics Anonymous (ongoing)