After losing his sister, Brittany, to a drug overdose death in 2014, Brett dedicated his life to try to save lives in her honor.

In 2016, he walked from Delaware to San Francisco to raise awareness of the overdose crisis in the US. This coast to coast trek reached the hearts of hundreds of thousands of people. Upon returning from that walk, he started a nonprofit organization called Freedom to Grow where he is trying to start a program where people with troubled pasts can learn to have happy and healthy futures - this being achieved through working outdoors on a farm while receiving counseling, coaching, and mentoring.

He also decided to walk again. In 2018 he started in Key West, Florida and walked the entire length of the east coast to the top of Maine in a town called Fort Kent. He was joined by many others along the way. He has traveled approximately 5,700 miles by foot while talking to everyone he meets about his sister. Bramble is also a person in recovery from a troubled past and strongly advocates for better access to mental healthcare.