The Other Side Program Nationally Recognized for Providing a Safe, Substance-Free Environment for Families in Illinois

August 15, 2018 | Addiction Policy Forum
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The Other Side Program Nationally Recognized for Providing a Safe, Substance-Free Environment for Families in Illinois
Newest Spotlight Series program assists People in Illinois sustain recovery

Washington, D.C. – Addiction Policy Forum announces The Other Side as a program featured in the Spotlight Series, which highlights innovative programs across the country that contribute to a comprehensive strategy to address addiction. The Other Side is a safe, sober environment for people in recovery to unite for fun events.

“There was nowhere else to go. You can only go to the movies or bowling so many times,” said Chris Reed, President of The Other Side. “The Other Side is place where you can meet and socialize with others recovering from addiction in a safe, substance-free environment.”

The Other Side is a sober bar featuring a pool table, ping pong tables, bag toss sets, darts, and video games. During the week, the location hosts various recovery groups including Alcoholics Anonymous and SMART. On the weekend, the bar hosts events such as concerts, card games, movie nights, karaoke, and open mic nights. 

“The Other Side lets people in recovery come together for support while having fun,” said Mark O’Brien, Executive Vice President of State and Local Affairs at Addiction Policy Forum. “This innovative, safe and sober environment helps people sustain recovery.”

The Addiction Policy Forum features innovative programs as part of its Spotlight Series Initiative. Programs are nominated by key stakeholders, community members, and/or experts in the fields of addiction, and selected by the Addiction Policy Forum Advisory Board.   

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