The New York Times Highlights the Programs of the Addiction Policy Forum and Our CEO Jessica Hulsey Nickel

February 8, 2018 | Addiction Policy Forum



Jessica Hulsey Nickel of Addiction Policy Forum

The New York Times Highlights the Programs of the Addiction Policy Forum and Our CEO Jessica Hulsey Nickel

We are grateful that The New York Times featured Addiction Policy Forum’s efforts to address the nation’s opioid crisis in today’s article, “Drug Industry Wages Opioid Fight Using an Anti-Addiction Ally.”

We are losing 174 Americans to drug overdoses every day in this country. Our nation’s opioid addiction epidemic represents a medical crisis virtually without precedent and it needs to be treated accordingly. The New York Times highlighted the new initiatives we've launched, such as the Addiction Resource Center to help individuals and families in crisis find the resources they need, and the Emergency Medicine Initiative to bring the tools and training needed in our healthcare system to identify and treat substance use disorders.

We have launched these programs in partnership with numerous organizations – including the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers Association (PhRMA), announced December 12, which allows us to scale our initiatives nationwide. This ongoing support will contribute to research, advance prevention, reverse overdoses and ultimately, save lives. To cure a disease, we need our white lab coats and researchers at the table. We are grateful to all of our partner organizations – including PhRMA – for their ongoing commitment to this important issue.

We encourage The New York Times and journalists everywhere to continue to raise awareness of this issue that is striking at the heart of American families across our nation.


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