Take Action - Historic Opioid Package Up for a Vote

September 6, 2018 | Addiction Policy Forum

Congress is considering critical legislation that would improve policies and resources to address addiction. Recent reports indicate that the Senate is likely to take up the package as early as next week! 

Among the many bills being considered are the Opioid Crisis Response Act (S. 2680), the Substance Abuse Prevention Act of 2018 (S. 2789) and the SUPPORT for Patients and Communities Act (H.R. 6)! 

Contact your Senator’s today and urge them to make passing a legislative package addressing addiction a top priority!

The Opioid Crisis Response Act (S. 2680) would:

  • Improve first responders ability to assist individuals who have overdosed;
  • Expand support services to help patients achieve long-term recovery;
  • Provide resources to operate substance use disorder (SUD) treatment and recovery centers;
  • Educate doctors on how to prevent, detect, and treat SUD; and
  • Expand the use of technology services for the treatment of additional SUD patients.

The Substance Abuse Prevention Act of 2018 (S. 2789) would:

  • Reauthorize the Office of National Drug Control Policy at the White House, which includes the Drug Free Communities and High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area programs;
  • Reauthorize the Department of Justice funding for drug courts;
  • Improve collaboration between Drug Enforcement Administration and healthcare and community organizations working on the front lines of the drug crisis; and
  • Provide resources to protect families with SUD parents.

The SUPPORT for Patients and Communities Act (H.R. 6) would:

  • Improve crucial substance use prevention programs and provide assistance to federal agencies to better address addiction;
  • Expand access to innovative medications and resources to treat SUDs;
  • Enhance medical education and training resources for health care provides to better address addiction, pain and the opioid crisis;
  • Improve emergency departments ability to effectively screen, treat, and connect SUD patients with quality care;
  • Develop and disseminate best practices for operating recovery housing to ensure individuals are living in a safe and supportive environment;
  • Establish model comprehensive treatment and recovery centers to ensure individuals have the access to quality treatment and recovery services;
  • Expand research for preventing, treating, innovative medications, and alternative pain management; and   
  • Implement better protections to support young children impacted by parental substance use.

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