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Crushing Heroin Addiction

By Mark Powell on August 6, 2019

Rod Courtney came to CRUSH out of a parent’s crushing pain. His son Chad died of a fentanyl overdose in November 2016. A few months later, while he was still, in his own words, “walking wounded,” he listened to CRUSH founder Officer Al Fear speak at a town hall meeting. With Chad’s death still fresh, Courtney couldn’t accept the thought of his son being just another statistic.
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Building a Bridge out of the Criminal Justice System and Into Recovery

By Simone Greene on August 6, 2019

Bridges of Iowa Inc. grew from parents’ love for son and has become a lifeline to thousands of Iowans struggling with substance use disorders. Founded 20 years ago by Donald and Charlene Lamberti, Bridges is a long-term program that treats the entire person, complementing intense addiction treatment and cognitive behavior change therapy with the life skills necessary for success.
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Improving Addiction Resources for the LGBTQ Community

By Addiction Policy Forum on June 28, 2019


How can we help our LGBTQ loved ones who are suffering from addiction?

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Can CBD Help in the Treatment of and Recovery from Opioid Use Disorder?

By Mark Gold, MD on June 13, 2019

The physiological cravings that accompany addiction, along with memory cues and environment triggers specific to each patient can cause a recurrence of use or relapse. As such, effective treatment needs to address a person’s behavioral health and help them learn how to cope with stress and environmental triggers.

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Recovery Ready Community

By Simone Greene on June 11, 2019

The Chicago neighborhood of Austin knows all too well the destruction of addiction. One of the city’s largest neighborhoods, it’s also one of the deadliest for overdose deaths, consistently ranking in the top five. Despite that, resources in the community aren’t readily available for those looking for recovery. Dora and John Wright are trying to change this.
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Recovery Social Circles

By Mark Powell on May 22, 2019

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