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Stakeholders and Partners Comment on Addiction Policy Forum Announcement

December 13, 2017

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General Barry McCaffrey

Taken together, the programs and partnerships announced today by the Addiction Policy Forum represent the most comprehensive, direct approach to the opioid crisis in America to date. The 21 million Americans who are living with the disease of addiction need our help urgently – there is simply no more time to waste. By welcoming all stakeholders to the table and focusing on action over rhetoric, we can have a lasting impact on this crisis.

- General Barry McCaffrey
Advisory Board Chairman
Addiction Policy Forum

Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA) fully supports the continuum of care— prevention, education, treatment, recovery, and we firmly believe that prevention is needed now more than ever. Our coalition model produces community change because it engages members from all sectors, addresses conditions that are unique to the community and mobilizes experts to induce change. We are excited to partner with Addiction Policy Forum and will utilize the existing national infrastructure built at CADCA to produce sustainable positive outcomes.

- General Arthur T. Dean
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA)

Addiction is putting a strain on criminal justice and legal systems across the country. I am confident that our partnership with the Addiction Policy Forum will help district attorneys continue to improve and discover new strategies that will relieve this burden.

- District Attorney Jonathon Blodgett
National District Attorneys Association

We are looking forward to our work with the Addiction Policy Forum on two new recovery and research initiatives. If we are going to make progress against the addiction crisis in this country, it is critical that we foster science-based recovery support programs and invest in research. Through our work with the Forum, we are making strides in these directions.

- Patty McCarthy Metcalf
Executive Director
Faces & Voices of Recovery

The Addiction Policy Forum is making important progress in addressing the disease of addiction. A multi-faceted approach is needed for this complex challenge we face as a country. We look forward to working with the Forum on evidence-based programs that aim to improve the criminal justice response to substance use disorders.

- Pamela F. Rodriguez
President & CEO
Treatment Alternatives for Safe Communities (TASC)

Effectively ending the addiction crisis in America will take everyone coming to the table. We need programs that will bring immediate help to families and communities struggling with addiction. The Addiction Policy Forum has put forth a bold plan that will make a real impact on this crisis.

- The Honorable Alan Mollohan
Former Member, U.S. House of Representatives (WV-01)

We need action right away to effectively address the opioid addiction crisis in this country. Practical programs, like the ones announced by the Addiction Policy Forum today, will bring support to families and communities that are struggling.

- The Honorable Frank Guinta
Former Member, U.S. House of Representatives (NH-01)

The new programs announced today by the Addiction Policy Forum are addressing some of the most pressing challenges of the addiction crisis in America. By working with some of the most effective organizations focused on this formidable challenge, families and communities will soon have the resources and support they need to beat this disease.

- Jay Nelson
Director, Government Affairs
The Council of State Governments Justice Center (CSGJC)

It will take a comprehensive approach to address addiction. The new programs announced by the Addiction Policy Forum today are a big step forward. Very thrilled to see plans in place that focus on criminal justice reform.

- Blake Norton
Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
Police Foundation

Effectively standing up to a crisis takes collaboration and partnerships. The Addiction Policy Forum’s work to bring everyone into the conversation - advocates, government and industry - is helping make new programs to prevent and treat addiction possible.

- Richard Pops
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

By giving voice to families struggling with the diseases of addiction and through partnership with a range of national and community-based stakeholders, the Addiction Policy Forum has established a new paradigm for action. Connecting families and patients to community-based and innovative tools, resources and interventions to support their treatment and recovery has never been more urgent.

- Shaun Thaxter
Chief Executive Officer

Families and communities all across the country need support recognizing, preventing and treating addiction. The Addiction Policy Forum's multi-year plan and new partnerships will help propel real solutions forward.

- Bill Williams
Families Committee Co-Chair
Addiction Policy Forum

People who are struggling with addiction throughout our state and country need to know they are not alone and that help exists. This disease of addiction is not something to be ashamed of. Programs announced today by the Addiction Policy Forum will make important progress toward ending the stigma around addiction and providing those in need of help with reliable resources and support.

- Aimee Manzoni-D'Arpino
Massachusetts State Chair
Addiction Policy Forum Massachusetts

The Addiction Policy Forum’s commitment to our New Hampshire communities continues with these new programs and partnerships. Dedicating resources to researching treatment and recovery will help ensure that families do not have to experience the tragedy of losing a loved one to a substance use disorder.

- Doug Griffin
New Hampshire State Chair
Addiction Policy Forum New Hampshire

We are making remarkable progress in our work to end the opioid crisis and transform the way this country addresses addiction. The Addiction Policy Forum’s new initiatives will provide countless groups – from doctors to families – with the resources they need to properly address substance use disorders in New York and across the U.S.

- Lorraine McNeill-Popper
New York State Chair
Addiction Policy Forum


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