More than 200 Organizations Sign on to Letter in Response to Proposed ONDCP Funding Cuts

May 11, 2017 | Addiction Policy Forum

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In response to the report last Friday, May 5, 2017, that the Office of Management and Budget is considering a significant cut in funding to the Office of National Drug Control Policy, more than 200 organizations signed on to a letter urging the administration to reconsider this proposal.
Read the letter here.  
Following this report, Jessica Nickel, President and CEO, Addiction Policy Forum, released the following statement: 
"The report that the Office of Management and Budget will propose significant cuts to the Office of National Drug Control Policy is troubling. While the Administration has taken several positive steps to support recovery and treatment efforts, this attempt to undermine the premier agency responsible for carrying out the Administration's drug policies would undermine the good already accomplished. I would urge the Administration to reconsider these cuts, and continue to build a comprehensive plan to help Americans suffering with substance use disorders and their families."



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