Families Letter to Congress Supporting CARA Funding

March 22, 2017 | Addiction Policy Forum


graphic that reads "Take Action" with US Capitol building in background


As evidenced by the amazing response from our CARA Family Day, and the outpouring of support we received from Members of Congress, it is abundantly clear that you provide the strongest voices on Capitol Hill to move legislation and initiatives.

With that in mind, we have set up a customizable letter each of our families can send to your Member of Congress. This letter also includes a link to the referenced MacArthur/Kuster letter - you can view the MacArthur/Kuster letter separately here.

As we enter into appropriations season, and with healthcare at the top of everyone’s mind, these letters mean a great deal to Members and their staffs. Statistics can be sterile, they draw an outline, but you, the family, paint the picture of what legislative action can mean to people across the nation impacted by addiction.

Please take the following steps and let your voice resonate through the halls of power in Washington D.C!


1. Open the letter and customize it to tell your story

2. Find your Members of Congress in this Excel spreadsheet. This includes your two Senators and one House Member. (Address the letter and email to their specific healthcare staffer)

3. In the body of the email, thank the staffer for their consideration of your request. Reiterate the points in the letter you would like to emphasize and ask for the letter to be shared with their boss.

4. Please copy Jay Ruais at jruais@addictionpolicy.org

5. Press send! And share with other families who want their voices heard!

Topics: Families, Appropriations, Advocacy