CARA part of an $8.3 Billion Response to Addiction

July 6, 2016 | Jessica Hulsey Nickel

Let’s not play politics; 129 people are dying every day in our country at the hands of this epidemic. CARA has real resources, real policy change, and is part of much larger picture of 33 key programs that represent a comprehensive approach to addiction.

CARA is a monumental step forward – a tipping point to better addressing the paralyzing opioid epidemic. It includes the six pillars of a comprehensive response, including prevention, treatment, recovery support, criminal justice reform, overdose reversal, and law enforcement. Only through a comprehensive response can we reverse current trends and provide individuals and families impacted by addiction with the services they need.

Let’s pass CARA, and then pass the appropriations bills that will actually provide the needed funding for this fight too.

Where do we actually stand on funding?

CARA is one critical new program on the block with 32 other evidence-based initiatives we need to complete funding for soon. Congress appropriated $8.1 billion to address addiction for 2016 and CARA adds $192 million to that picture. Let’s pass CARA then pass that $8.3 billion in funding.

Find the list of 33 here.


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