Addiction Policy Forum Volunteers at DC Central Kitchen

February 27, 2018 | Addiction Policy Forum

kitchen1Addiction Policy Forum at DC Central Kitchen preparing food

On Tuesday, February 20th, the Addiction Policy Forum staff volunteered at the DC Central Kitchen (DCCK) to serve their community. DCCK fights hunger while preparing jobless adults for culinary school, and APF was ecstatic to help fight for yet another great cause.

Before volunteering, participants watched an orientation video to educate themselves on the background of DCCK and how the kitchen works. They learned the history of the organization and about the 3 million meals it provides each year.

The Addiction Policy Forum team dressed in aprons before they were assigned stations to prepare Tuesday’s delicious lunch of ribs, salad and sweet potato fries. Split into smaller groups, the Addiction Policy Forum was put to work cutting ribs, peeling and slicing potatoes, mixing toppings, and cutting vegetables.

The team had a great time of careful cutting, getting to know one another better and talking to other community members. "I've known about DC Central Kitchen for a long time but it was great to see how the program actually works and to meet some of the amazing people who make it happen,” said Lisbet Portman of the Addiction Policy Forum. “We all had fun chatting as we chopped more sweet potatoes than I knew was humanly possible. I hope to go back very soon." APF is dedicated to helping their communities and others in need.