Addiction Policy Forum Launches the Addiction Resource Center (ARC) in Minnesota

January 29, 2018 | Addiction Policy Forum

 sign that reads "ARC Portal Launch"

On February 2, 2018, we hosted the Addiction Resource Center (ARC) portal walkthrough at Earle Brown Heritage Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The event began with Jennifer Brovick,  Minnesota State Chair, sharing the story of losing her son, Dylan, to substance use disorder. Since losing her son, Jennifer has advocated for change by testifying in front of members of Congress at our CARA Family Day. Following Dylan’s story, Dani Tarino, APF’s VP of Health Information Technology, introduced the ARC portal resources and features while answering questions presented by the audience. As questions and feedback from the audience poured in, drug court Judge Robert Rancourt highlighted the importance of criminal justice reform and how the ARC portal can help the court direct individuals that are struggling with addiction to help.
View photos from the event here.

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