Addiction Policy Forum and National Criminal Justice Association Partner to Translate Opioid Research to Practice

July 25, 2016 | Addiction Policy Forum

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The Addiction Policy Forum and the National Criminal Justice Association today announced a new partnership, the Translating Science into Practice Project, which will focus on translating the current research on opioid addiction and treatment into policy and practice in the field.  

The Addiction Policy Forum has identified 11 practices across six key elements of addressing addiction: prevention, treatment, overdose reversal, recovery, law enforcement, and criminal justice reform.  The state criminal justice administering agencies represented by the National Criminal Justice Association conduct comprehensive statewide planning and fund innovative, data-driven criminal justice policies and practices.  They are engaged in finding and funding solutions to the opioid epidemic gripping their states.

The first step in this new partnership is a livestream session on alternatives to incarceration during the National Forum on Criminal Justice on August 8 from 1:45-3:15 pm EST in Philadelphia, PA.  Register here.  This will be followed by a five-webinar series in the fall of 2016 that will provide policymakers and practitioners with details about policies that are working to reduce and treat addiction, including to prescription drugs, heroin and other opioids.

The following five webinars will address Medicated Assisted Treatment, Naloxone/Overdose Reversal, Early Intervention, Technology/IT, and Reentry.

The Translating Science into Practice Project will follow this webinar series by offering in-depth technical assistance in three states in order to model the process of translating research into practice.


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