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2017 Pillar of Excellence Award Recipients - Scott Strode, Phoenix Multisport

March 7, 2017

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Scott Strode, Phoenix Multisport

Scott Strode, Phoenix Multisport
Scott Strode is the Founder and National Executive Director of Phoenix Multisport (Phoenix). Phoenix offers a unique approach to combat addiction by fostering a sober, supportive, physically active community for individuals in recovery from substance use disorder. Phoenix is based on Scott’s own experience in discovering that a healthy, active lifestyle has a transformative effect on long-term sobriety. Scott also realized the critical component of surrounding oneself with a new sober supportive network of friends. With this insight, Scott created a place of hope and healing where Phoenix helps individuals develop the emotional strength they need to stay sober and where it is said, “We believe in you until you can believe in yourself.” Phoenix is unique in that its programs are free to anyone who has at least 48 hours of continuous sobriety. This removes any financial barrier so that individuals can participate in programs that help them maintain their recovery. Free programs include yoga, climbing, cycling, running, CrossFit, boxing, socials, and more. Since 2007, Phoenix has served over 20,000 individuals in 5 cities and 3 states. Scott has been recognized worldwide through his work with Phoenix. He was a Top 10 CNN Hero in 2012, received the “Advocates for Action Award” from the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, and was a TEDxMileHigh speaker in 2016. Scott’s passion in life is to help others rise from the ashes of their addiction and live a full life of sobriety in long-term recovery.


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