ADDICTION: Dispelling the Myths

Turning the science of addiction into stories that stick.


Episode I: The Hijacker

Episode 1: The Hijacker

How addiction changes brain function.

Episode II: Whirlpools of Risk

Episode 2: Whirlpools of Risk

Risk Factors for Developing a substance use disorder (SUD.)

Episode III: Understanding Severity

Episode 3: Understanding Severity

Why addiction treatment can't be "one-size-fits-all."

Episode IV: Don't Wait for 'Rock Bottom'

Episode 4: Don't Wait for Rock Bottom

Why engaging in treatment as early as possible is so important.


The animated series aims to expand public understanding about addiction and replace the myths and misinformation that keep substance use disorders (SUDs) from being treated like any other medical condition.

20180828_OnePagers_AddictionSeries_version9_the hijacker 20180828_OnePagers_AddictionSeries_version9_BW_the hijacker

Educational episodes run two-to-three minutes and are meant to be consumed like “snack-packs” of key scientific information.

“ADDICTION” is animated by artist Patrick Smith and produced by the Addiction Policy Forum.

The content of each episode is the result of close collaboration between scientists, patients, families impacted by addiction, and members of our team.

A special thanks to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) for the science highlighted in the series.

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