Ada is an adult child of a father with alcohol use disorder. Her father struggled with alcohol until his death when Ada was just thirteen. Although her father was in the military, had a good job and always provided for his family, the face of addiction showed its true colors and it left her family torn and filled with shame and despair. Despite this, Ada went on with her life. When her son was born, she was so happy - he was the child every parent could only dream about. She was never worried about him because he was always so well-behaved and was an honor student.

Once he was in his twenties, everything changed. He became addicted to pain medication, and when he was not able to get prescriptions anymore, he turned to heroin in 2014. That was the beginning of  Ada's nightmare. Her son is now incarcerated. Addiction is a disease that does not discriminate. It is a disease that affects families. Ada's goal is to continue to be a strong advocate.

In 2014, Ada became an ambassador for Shatterproof and has attended many forums on addiction. She has spoken on several panels and volunteered at a 5K for addiction in Boston in 2017.

Ada's areas of interest are fighting to end the shame and stigma of addiction, to continue to raise awareness and support new laws regarding the opioid epidemic, and to continue to reach out to our senators when she sees something that concerns her. Her dream is to have her son partner with her someday and talk about his struggles. She would like to bring new ideas to the table regarding addiction in Connecticut and possibly collaborate with other organizations/people in order to raise funds or write grants where there is a lack of resources.