8-Point Plan



8 Point Plan to Address Addiction

In October 2017, the Addiction Policy Forum released “Our Vision and Direction, 2018-2021” detailing an 8-point plan for addressing addiction in the U.S. It was developed by experts in the field of addiction in close collaboration with families who have lost loved ones. It outlines eight strategic priorities that include practical tools, sound policies, and new collaborations that will empower and equip communities to better treat and prevent addiction and ultimately, save lives.


The eight strategic priorities include:

  1. Help Families in Crisis

  2. Expand Treatment Access and Integration into Healthcare

  3. Drive Discovery

  4. Expand Recovery Support

  5. Prevention

  6. Protect Children Impacted by Parental Substance Use Disorder

  7. Reframe the Criminal Justice System

  8. Advocate and Educate

8-Point Plan 8-Point Plan Executive Summary